JavaScript Bible

JavaScript™ Bible 3rd Edition Survey of third-party authoring tools included! If JavaScript can do it, you can do it too … Create Web pages brimming with interactive content. Integrate Java applets without taxing your server. Deploy Dynamic HTML applications. With the expert advice of today's premier JavaScript authority and teacher, you'll quickly find out how to leverage the full power of JavaScript. With characteristic clarity and precision, Danny Goodman offers beginning to advanced tutorials covering all aspects of JavaScript — plus an extensive JavaScript object and language reference. Inside, you'll find complete coverage of JavaScript Pick up all the basics of JavaScript quickly — from document objects to forms to multiple windows and frames Find out how to create a mouse-rollover image swapping effect Master JavaScript's 30-plus powerful objects and other core language facilities — including control structures, functions, and operators Use JavaScript to validate user input with form elements and hypertext links Integrate Java applets into your Web pages Explore the differences between Netscape and Microsoft's implementations of JavaScript Deploy cross-browser Dynamic HTML applications Learn how to use Netscape's debugger — and how to build your own debugging tools